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Photography has always been about preserving memories and history for the future. Today that means protecting images from the vagaries of technological change. Remember the floppy disk? How about the PhotoCD? Good luck easily retrieving data from either! Remember that today's file formats and storage devices may not always be available.

If you want to preserve your memories, you need to make a print. Create an album with us. Your kids and grandkids will appreciate the effort.  We offer print and other affordable archival quality products and personalized services.  Check out our site to see what products we have and what services we offer.  Prices quoted by us are based on the complete services and products.  We are able to work with one photograph or many to provide an optimized product or personalized services related to portrait or wedding photography. We can come to your home or business and setup our portable studio to ensure professional results of your staff, family and pets.  Call 905.719.1245 or e-mail sales@photosEtc.ca and let us give you a reasonable estimate for any photographic product or services we can provide.